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Our accolades

Design innovation - the core of everything we do
Our products are recognised for their innovation and technological advancement around the world. As design leaders, we develop new products to provide better solutions to installers and end-users, with better performance and superior looks. Our endeavours are regularly applauded, winning us worldwide acclaim and recognition, making our products the benchmark in the industry.

Australian design mark

The Hagerblu Visage range brings international and Australian design skills together, offering a new benchmark in sophistication and safety and performance features.

As Winner of the Australian Design Mark, Hager B&R is recognised as offering the market a product which has set the benchmark in safety and design for years to come.

What appears a beautiful architectural finish, reveals a giant step forward in safety and design. One of the key components of our win in the prestigious Australian Design Awards was the Hagerblu Rotoloc® patented system which provides vastly enhanced safety performance with a new ease of installation. This design feature has vastly improved the security and peace of mind in millions of homes throughout the world.

red dot design award

The exclusive red dot design award is reserved for the very best design solutions offered across the world. As a winner in 2010, Hager B&R proves its credentials as one of the world’s most innovative manufacturers of products which improve the the lives of people across the globe.

When building or renovating, compact solutions are often required for electrical installations. Professional installers from all over the world gave our ‘Voice Of Customer’ program their ideas for making enclousre jobs more productive. Then, we applied those ideas in the new Golf enclosure. What resulted was a superior product, designed to meet the needs of the installer and giving the end customer a markedly improved enclosure system.

A better performing product with excellent looks won us the attention and applause from design leaders around the world. We listened and we created a benchmark product.