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Our people

Hager B&R’s business philosophy is synonymous with providing quality products and we seek to match this with exceptionally high standards of customer service.
We achieve our aims through strong partner relationships with suppliers and customers. Our unique partnership enables us to optimise the right people in the right place - on the ground in each State of Australia.

Multiple teams with one focus - you, our customer

Customer partnerships

From the R&D studio to the warehouse floor, our focus is to provide a quality product with exceptional service.

It is on this platform that we build enduring relationships with our business partners who have come to expect a level of innovation and performance second to none. We know how to listen to our industry and when to share our expertise through our highly respected global training programs.

It’s a standard we strive for each day with every customer.
We believe:
- people are the key to our success
- always focus on the customers
- think global and act local
- aim for innovation, quality and performance
- achieve key positions in selected markets

Manufacturing, distribution & logistics

Hager B&R’s manufacturing, assembly and despatch procedures are subject to rigorous quality control standards.

Our manufacturing sites in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia and China hold Quality Certification to ISO9001.

Providing a service to our customers means much more to us than putting a product on a shelf. We invest for the long term in distribution channels that allow us to provide quicker access to our products for all of our customers wherever they are.

We have substantial logistics facilities throughout Australia with sales and technical support teams creating the important link to product knowledge, product selection and product performance. How we do this matters.

It’s our total global solution at work every day, everywhere.

Research & development

All Hager B&R products benefit from intensive investment in research and development and from rigorous quality control procedures at all stages of manufacture.

Hager is renowned for innovations and systematic developments according to customer needs.

During the thousands of meetings that Hager holds with its partners every year, the company finds out first hand just what it is the professionals need. This closeness to customers is the very basis of the process that has made Hager one of the leading manufacturers of electrical installation systems.

Quality & standards

Quality is key to the Hager B&R business and is reflected every day through our people, products and services. We support a wide range of products with our extended 7 year warranty* giving our customers peace of mind and surity that they can expect optimum performance from Hager products.

Our total global solution covers everything from switchboards, panelboards, loadcentres, switchgear, enclosures, cable management systems, wiring accessories and home automation, all meeting the most stringent quality standards.

Whether it is a local or international Standard, Hager B&R products meet and exceed industry benchmarks and performance expectations.