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Wiring Accessories and Building Automation

Wiring Accessories

Add a new dimension to your decor, with our award-winning range of modern wiring accessories. Combining world-class technical and safety features with stylish European design, Hager matches form with function.

Building Automation

KNX is an established standard everywhere, and one that our whole system range is fluent in. Any building installation can be extended using quicklink wireless solutions or imported fully into the ETS software. Hager considers it essential that each one of its customers experiences this consistent concept, and by providing it, ensures they benefit from a solution that will hold up over the long term and offer as many expansion options as possible. Guaranteed fit for the future.

Home Networking

Australians love technology. New gizmos and gadgets have become a normal part of our lives. We rely on them daily. Our homes are now filled with multiple users, home offices and so many devices that rely on communicating with each other and the world.
Home networking is simply a term used to describe the efficient, smart and convenientway to distribute communication throughout the home from one central location (or hub). Things like your internet, phone, computers, TV, speakers, theatre, intercom, security & more. Whilst you may not require some of these, just having internet, TV and phone these days is enough reason to warrant installation of a small home network.
At Hager, we have a comprehensive range of data and media solutions, along with an accompanying range of flexible patching and distribution devices to provide you with the flexibility to meet almost any type of home networking equipment.

Lighting and Energy Management

Smart design when managing energy and resources in residential and commercial buildings must encompass flexibilty in order to realise genuine efficiencies over the true lifetime of a building. Hager’s eco-ficient solutions offer you long-term cost saving benefits and help meet power density requirements set out by the BCA.