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tebis.KNX Energy Management

Presence Detectors

TX510 EIB Presence detector
High performance presence detectors are suitable for use in residential and commercial premises where energy control and/or reduction is required. They can be used in premises or in passage areas, where they increase comfort and reduce the energy costs drastically. The presence area is especially useful in offices, where the motion area may be used in long corridors.
Cat. Ref.  Description ex. GSTinc. GST 
TX510EIB Presence detector557.94 $ / pc.613.73 $ / pc.
TX511EIB Presence det+Light Regulation589.13 $ / pc.648.04 $ / pc.
TCC510SPresence det. 360° KNX249.29 $ / pc.274.22 $ / pc.
TCC520EPresence det. 360° monobloc KNX277.28 $ / pc.305.01 $ / pc.
TCC521EPresence det. 360° monobloc KNX/DALI385.57 $ / pc.424.13 $ / pc.

Presence Detector Accessories

EE807 Remote control settings presence det.
  • EE807 - Installer IR remote control to commission settings.
  • EE808 - Customer IR remote control for override control.
  • Installation boxes for the installation of presence detectors requiring mounting to the underside of concrete slabs or steel beams e.g. carparks and utility rooms.
Cat. Ref.  Description ex. GSTinc. GST 
EE807Remote control settings presence det.130.98 $ / pc.144.08 $ / pc.
EE808Remote control customer presence det.88.14 $ / pc.96.95 $ / pc.
EE813Surface mounting box for EE810/EE81118.10 $ / pc.19.91 $ / pc.
EEK005Backbox for Surface BESA detectors16.95 $ / pc.18.65 $ / pc.

Time Switches

TXA022 Weekly time switch EASY
Supplied with the EG005 programming key which can store a switch program. The program can be simply activated by insertion of the programming key into the time switch. The time switch will start to run the program stored in the programming key. Using the programming key provides a simple and safe copy of a sequence of input switching. Other features of time switch include:
  • Override, temporary priority and priority control.
  • Winter / summer schedule including holiday mode.
  • Up to 56 program steps, programmable by computer (via EG003U).
  • Weekly program included.
  • 2 channel control.
  • Impulse cycle time setting.
  • Can be locked using the EG004 locking key.
Cat. Ref.  Description ex. GSTinc. GST 
TXA022Weekly time switch EASY437.75 $ / pc.481.53 $ / pc.

Time Switches Accessories

EG004 Clock key EG103x et EG203x
  • Locking key provides protection through authorization control of switch prgram and operation buttons.
  • Programming key has been preprogrammed to 'continuous close' mode. Specific programs can be installed to run on the time switch by inserting the programming key into the time switch.
  • Key storage module for the storage of 3 programming locking keys.
  • USB programming module and software for the computer programming of keys.
Cat. Ref.  Description ex. GSTinc. GST 
EG004Clock key EG103x et EG203x26.59 $ / pc.29.25 $ / pc.
EG005Programming key EG103x et EG203x30.26 $ / pc.33.29 $ / pc.
EG006Range module for 3 keys22.53 $ / pc.24.78 $ / pc.
EG003GUSB programming373.73 $ / pc.411.10 $ / pc.

Light Sensitive Switches

TXA026 Light sensitive switch with cell
A light sensitive switch reacts to natural light levels to automate the control of lighting circuits - ON/OFF, or shutters and blinds - UP/DOWN. Each light sensitive switch measures the amount of natural light through a light sensor and automates control by comparing these measurements against the preset value threshold of luminance (2……20,000LUX). Master/slave functionality via the bus is also an option for controlling larger applications.
Cat. Ref.  Description ex. GSTinc. GST 
TXA026Light sensitive switch with cell375.21 $ / pc.412.73 $ / pc.


TX211A Dimmer 3 outputs 1/10V
  • Universal dimmers with automatic load recognition featuring manual mode that allows dimming even when the bus is disconnected.
  • 1/10V dimmer for interface with various types of 1/10V control equipment.
Cat. Ref.  Description ex. GSTinc. GST 
TX211ADimmer 3 outputs 1/10V549.42 $ / pc.604.36 $ / pc.

Shutter / Blind Relays

TXA224 Output device for 4 shutters/blinds230V~
Shutter/blind relays
Four or eight motors can be controlled independently. Aside from essential commands (Up/Down) there are several operation possibilities to make adjustment safer and more versatile, e.g:
  • Safety control circuit to prevent accidents
  • Preset at any location
  • Adjustable safe location
  • Mode display
  • UP/DOWN/STOP manual override
  • LED indication of each output state
  • Blind slat inclination and STOP
  • Wind security functions
  • Blocking
  • Priority
  • Scenes
  • After bus failure position
  • Shutter function will open and close.
  • Blind function will open, close and incline slats.
Cat. Ref.  Description ex. GSTinc. GST 
TXA224Output device for 4 shutters/blinds230V~588.69 $ / pc.647.56 $ / pc.
TXA226Output device for 4 shutters/blinds24VDC457.82 $ / pc.503.60 $ / pc.
TXA228Output device for 8 shutters/blinds230V~850.51 $ / pc.935.56 $ / pc.

Energy Meters

TE360 3Ph Kwhmeter direct 100A KNX output
Energy meters measure the active energy used in an electric installation. They can monitor the detailed consumption within an installation to provide the consumption data between different appliances and circuits.
  • Backlit display.
  • Indication of instantaneous power consumption.
  • Total/partial counter.
  • Pulsed output on most meters.
  • Unlimited saving of measurements.
  • LED flashing according to consumption.
  • Display indication in case of incorrect wiring.
Cat. Ref.  Description ex. GSTinc. GST 
TE3603Ph Kwhmeter direct 100A KNX output1,185.77 $ / pc.1,304.35 $ / pc.
TE3703Ph Kwhmeter via CT KNX output2,121.32 $ / pc.2,333.45 $ / pc.

Current Transformers

SRA00505 Current Transformer 50/5 1,5VA cl.1
Current transformers are used to feed analogue and digital ammeters, as well as kWh meters. Their current on secondary circuit (0-5A) is proportional to the current on primary circuit class: 1
  • Can be mounted on DIN rail with adaptors, copper busbar or on cable.
Cat. Ref.  Description ex. GSTinc. GST 
SRA00505Current Transformer 50/5 1,5VA cl.170.16 $ / pc.77.18 $ / pc.
SRA01005Current transformer 100/5 2,5VA Kl. 174.71 $ / pc.82.18 $ / pc.
SRA01505Current transformer 150/5 2,5VA Kl. 179.00 $ / pc.86.90 $ / pc.
SRA02005Current transformer 200/5 2,5VA Kl. 185.26 $ / pc.93.79 $ / pc.
SRA02505Current transformer 250/5 2,5VA Kl. 195.52 $ / pc.105.07 $ / pc.
SRC04005Current transformer 400/5 5VA Kl. 1105.57 $ / pc.116.13 $ / pc.
SRC06005Current transformer 600/5 5VA Kl. 1105.57 $ / pc.116.13 $ / pc.
SRI03005Current Transformer 300/5 5VA cl.1114.58 $ / pc.126.04 $ / pc.
SRZH01DIN Rail Mount8.00 $ / pc.8.80 $ / pc.

Weather Station

TG353 Big support for TG053 weather station
The weather station measures the outside temperature, the wind speed, the brightness and detects rain. The sun position is calculated from the date, the time and the site location via GPS azimuth parameters; which can then be utilised within logic. The measured values are sent over the KNX bus as physical values in the EIS 5 format.
Various switching outputs (communication objects) are available to the measured and calculated values; they are switched according to their thresholds. The thresholds themselves can be set alternatively by means of parameters or via communication objects. In addition, 8 AND logical functions & 8 OR logical functions, each with 4 inputs, are available. All switching events, as well as 8 logical inputs (communication objects) can be used as inputs for the logical functions. The output of each function can be configured either as 1 or as 2 x 8 bits.
Cat. Ref.  Description ex. GSTinc. GST 
TG353Big support for TG053 weather station147.24 $ / pc.161.96 $ / pc.
*All data is subject to errors and technical modifications. All prices are recommended retail prices.