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Digital Time Switches

Hager’s Time Switches are recommended for command of lighting circuit, heating, water pumps and ventilation control. The range offers the use of different keys to adapt the programs to their installation. The program can be saved on PC and/or be transferred to a programming key via the EG003 software interface. A personalised file can be printed out for your customers. Thus all the project and programming information can be kept in the electrical distribution board.
  • Hager strongly recommend the installation of modular contactors with all time switches.

24 Hour Time Switches

EG010 1 channel daily programmer
  • 1 channel cycle with manual override
  • Operating reserve 3 years
  • 5 adjustable pre-recorded programs - 6 commutations maximum per day (3 ON and 3 OFF).
Cat. Ref.  Description ex. GSTinc. GST 
EG0101 channel daily programmer248.77 $ / pc.273.65 $ / pc.

7 Day Time Switches

EG071 1 channel weekly programmer
  • 20 program steps
  • 1 channel cycle with manual override
  • Operating reserve 3 years
EG103E / EG203E / EG403E
  • Permanent and temporary override and pulse.
  • Operating reserve 5 years.
  • 56 Program steps.
  • Auto summer/winter mode with optional holiday mode.
  • Ability to download program to multiple time switches via EG003U.
  • Keypad locking key EG004.
Cat. Ref.  Description ex. GSTinc. GST 
EG0711 channel weekly programmer207.45 $ / pc.228.20 $ / pc.
EG103E1 CHA digi timeswitch 7 days EVOLUTION301.93 $ / pc.332.12 $ / pc.
EG203E2 channels digi timeswitch 7 days, EVOL408.40 $ / pc.449.24 $ / pc.
EG403E4 M Weekly time switch 4 channels629.15 $ / pc.692.07 $ / pc.

Yearly Time Switches

EG293B 4M Yearly time switch 2 channels
  • Impulse control
  • Manual override and pulse
  • Programmable without mains supply
  • Operating reserve 10 years
  • 300 program steps
  • Automatic summer/winter adjustment
  • 240V input for remote operation
  • Ability to download program to multiple time switches via EG003U
  • Keypad locking key EG004
Cat. Ref.  Description ex. GSTinc. GST 
EG293B4M Yearly time switch 2 channels879.49 $ / pc.967.44 $ / pc.
EG493E4M Yearly time switch 4 channels1,232.58 $ / pc.1,355.84 $ / pc.


EG007 Programming key for EG493, EG293, EG403
  • Locking key provides protection through authorization control of switch prgram and operation buttons.
  • Programming key has been preprogrammed to 'continuous close' mode. Specific programs can be installed to run on the time switch by inserting the programming key into the time switch.
  • USB programming module and software for the computer programming of keys.
Cat. Ref.  Description ex. GSTinc. GST 
EG007Programming key for EG493, EG293, EG403132.38 $ / pc.145.62 $ / pc.
EG005Programming key EG103x et EG203x30.26 $ / pc.33.29 $ / pc.
EG004Clock key EG103x et EG203x26.59 $ / pc.29.25 $ / pc.
EG003GUSB programming373.73 $ / pc.411.10 $ / pc.
*All data is subject to errors and technical modifications. All prices are recommended retail prices.