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NEW Commercial 6kA RCB

Hager's new commerical 6kA ADA1 RCBO
range for perfoma panelboards has been
developed specifically with commercial
performance and cost effectiveness in mind.

Work hard play hard 2017

Buy a WHPH pack during February, March or April
and inside the pack will be a redemption voucher.
Collect the required amount of vouchers to redeem
the gift of your choice.

silhouette - switches & sockets

Slim switches & sockets that blend into the wall have
been a demand in the electrical industry for many years.
silhouette has excelled in meeting this demand thanks to
a thickness of only 4mm off the wall surface.

USB Mechanisms

Hager's new roto-loc USB outlets are a twin 2.1A USB outlet,
suitable for charging both Apple & Android phones and tablets
and fit all our Visage & Premiere style wiring accessory switch
plates & GPO’s extra switch positions

Commitment to Quality

Do you have old products installed?
Hager is known for our commitment to quality. That’s why the voluntarily
recall of potentially faulty AD310T, AD316T, AD320T and AD325T single
module RCBOs continues

NEW QLD, NSW/ACT & VIC Residential Meterboxes

Our product offer spans for QLD, NSW/ACT & VIC and our products
conform to all of the relevant state regulatory requirements.
We provide the largest range of products available from any one
manufacturer, to provide the best solution for your specific application.

NEW 400A & Stainless Steel Enclosures

Hager’s range of performa™ 2 panelboards is now
available in 400A with a standard or hybrid chassis
and with a 316L stainless steel material option across
the entire elite panelboard range

NEW Outdoor Motion Detectors

From our high quality motion detectors to our versatile
floodlights and LED lamps, Hager has just the right
solution for each intended use and application with
the new range of IP55 Outdoor Motion Detectors.

NEW Shallow Mount Weatherproof sockets

Offering a stylish and unique design, Hager’s new shallow mount
IP53 socket outlets have full UV stability and are engineered
to withstand Australia’s tough weather conditions.

NEW cyberart range

The new cyberart surrounds for the premiere / cyber range of wiring
accessories provides you with a full choice of colours and finishes
such as real slate or a stylish glass look.

DIN Rail Enclosure Range

Whether you require a 48 pole, IP65 rated vector enclosure or a 24 pole,
flush mounted combination 240V and data golf enclosure, there’s sure
to be a Hager loadcentre to suit your specific application.

Mobile e-Catalogue

The Hager Catalogue, but in your pocket! You now have access to the
complete Hager product database and technical information from your smartphone.

2014/15 Catalogue & Trade Price List

Along with our comprehensive range of product brochures, Hager's NEW
2014/15 Product Catalogue & Price List is now available to download online.

invicta panelboards

Available in 24, 36 & 48 pole and compatible with the onekombo 6kA
range of modular protection devices, Hager’s invicta panelboard range
is ideal for the large home, light commercial or retail applications.

Project Solutions

As part of the Hager solution, our project team can offer
End-to-end project management from quotations, design
services and assembly throughout, to after sales service.

Residential Distribution Solutions

The combination of our award winning golf enclosure range
along with our onekonekt system, provides a beautifully simple
solution that makes each installation easier, safer and faster.

performa 2 panelboards and energy distribution solutions

Hager is proud to announce the release
of our performa 2 Panelboard range as the basis of our

LED Dimmer

The LED dimmer from Hager is designed specifically
to work with LED lights and therefore is compatible
with more LED’s than a standard trailing or leading edge dimmer.

It's obvious...

Electricians working in residential installations have been utilising
a 63A breaker as the main switch for many years - and why not,
it brings additional safety for practically no extra cost.

onekonekt residential MPD's

Our onekonekt system offers one of the most
versatile & flexible solutions to residential
electricians on the market today.

onekombo RCBOs

Leads to safety and simplicity.
Single pole residential RCBOs from a company you can trust.

1 | 2 | 3 AOB

3 phase RCBO earth leakage protection.
One Module Add-On Block.

eco-ficient® presence detectors

With the continued increase in energy costs, it makes
sense to start to implement energy saving initiatives.

h3 MCCBs

The h3 range of MCCBs provides safe and easy solutions
for low voltage electrical circuit protection.

Tebis KNX building automation

Tebis KNX building automation - smart technology at the touch of a button.
Be inspired by what you can do.

Motion detectors with remote control

Hager's premium motion detectors have been technically
engineered for optimum performance and total control.