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eco-ficient® solutions
your natural choice...

Hager's eco-ficient® solutions are an approach towards
using electrical energy more efficiently in order to reduce
the impact of greenhouse gases on the environment.
Using electrical energy more efficiently is one way to reduce
the impact of greenhouse gases on the environment. Hager
provides you with the latest energy aware installation solutions,
using BCA compliant green products that become cost effective
and reduce your environmental footprint.

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) is the minimum standard
for buildings across Australia. The electrical energy provisions
provided by the BCA cover many of the facets of commercial
buildings & the like. Hager's eco-ficient® solutions
include BCA compliant Hager products that are energy aware
as well as cost effective.

With greater integration and more precise controls,
Hager's eco-ficient® solutions lead to more user
outcomes and the important reduction in vital energy consumption.
Across our broad range of products, Hager provides solutions
that increase the efficiency of various electrical applications
delivering a total global installation system.