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Motion & Presence Detectors
Optimise energy efficiency

With the continued increase in energy costs and the demand on users to comply with related Government targets and Building Regulations, it makes sense to take control of energy usage and start to implement energy saving initiatives.

67% of energy consumed by industry is used for HVAC & lighting.

Hager eco-ficient® lighting control & building Management sytems provide energy saving Solutions that deliver measurable savings.

Using Presence Detectors, appliances & services are activated when they are needed, saving unnecessary usage when not.

Hager eco-ficient® solutions can save 20% off energy bills & tonnes of carbon.

An investment in savings

Hager's eco-ficient® Motion & Presence Detectors are an investment that pays off over time - watt by watt, cent by cent, day after day. All the while significantly increasing the comfort and safety of the building.

Suitable for use in residential and commercial situations for indoor and outdoor applications, Motion & Presence Detectors can be utilised to activate security lighting and HVAC systems. Motion & Presence Detectors can help to continuously adjust the output from dimmed lighting systems. This functionality provides greater improvement of energy management and cost benefits over traditionally switched systems, resulting in less greenhouse gas emissions and a better environment for us all.

Motion Detectors

Created for the automatic control of lighting in both residential
and private/public industry sectors. They automatically switch
on lighting when movement is detected and turn off the circuit
after the preset duration. Bringing comfort and enhanced security
for exterior accesses to residential homes and garages, they also
provide significant savings in lighting power consumption
by illuminating only when necessary.

For more information on Motion Detectors click the links below:

Presence Detectors

Presence Detectors are ideal for controlling lighting
in office spaces as they detect large movements
and also smaller finite movements, such as people
working at a desk. When the area is left unoccupied,
the lighting will be switched off, minimising the energy
usage of the area.

For more information on Presence Detectors
click the links below.