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The new wiring rules require ALL final sub-circuits to be 30mA RCD protected.

This includes fixed electrical equipment like cooktops, hot water systems and air conditioning units.
  • The requirements for a maximum of 3 circuits per RCCB, a minimum of 2 RCCBs and sharing of lighting circuits remain.
  • It is recommended that each final sub-circuit is protected by a separate RCBO to avoid loss of supply to multiple circuits.

Easy no think solution

  • RCBOs used to protect stove, hot water and air conditioning instead of MCBs without RCD protection

Single phase

Three phase

Best solution

  • All sub-circuits protected by RCBOs
  • Fast installation - all devices on one busbar
  • Smallest footprint using single module RCBOs
  • Individual sub-circuit protection - no risk of loss of supply to multiple sub-circuits.

Single phase

Three phase

For more information, watch our video below on additional protection by RCDs for new residential installations.

Single module RCBOs

Single module RCBOs from 6A to
32A supplied with neutral fly lead
and compatible with onekonekt


4P RCBOs to optimise space and
avoid using a larger enclosure.
Compatible with onekonekt busbar.


All our modular protection devices
including main switches, RCBOs,
RCDs and MCBs fit on our single or
three phase busbars.