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Screw shape

All screws shall be shaped not to cut the conductor (no sharp edge at the end of screws).

2 screws

Two screws are required for connection of the following conductors:
  • the main incoming neutral
  • the main earthing conductor
  • the MEN connection
  • the PEN (protective earth neutral)

Or 80% diameter

Alternatively, the terminal shall be of a type having one screw with an outside diameter not less than 80% of the tunnel diameter.


Those rules don’t apply when the conductor is clamped by another means, like Illustration B or Hager Q terminals as in llustration C.
For more information, watch our video below on neutral links and terminal bars in switchboards.

DIN rail enclosures

Our comprehensive range of DIN Rail Enclosures have been developed with a strong aesthetic and comply to the rules above.


We have the perfect solutions to help an office, factory or industrial site save energy and keep their occupants safe. All of our panelboards comply to the rules above.