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Regulations, Certifications and Standards

Access the Hager list of level 3 compliance certificates through the ERAC portal

ERAC (Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council) has created a National Certification Database, where all suppliers and certain types of equipment must be registered prior to being offered for sale. This allows equipment to be easily traced to its supplier and act as a gateway to the legal supply of electrical equipment in Australia and New Zealand.

Hager is registered as a ‘Responsible Supplier’ of in-scope electrical equipment and has the onus of responsibility for ensuring the safety of the electrical equipment they sell.
ERAC also provides an on-line application that can be used to verify Hager level 3 product certificate number, click here for the public search. (enter “ Hager” in both applicant and trade name field and the model number.)
(Level 3 is classified as potentially high risk equipment. Information about level 3 equipment, including registration and certification requirements can be obtained by clicking on the link here.)

RCM compliance mark new requirements commenced on the 1st March 2016

The 3 existing compliance marks (C-Tick, A-Tick and RCM) are being consolidated
into a single compliance mark the RCM. The RCM indicates a device’s compliance
with applicable ACMA technical standards – that is for telecommunications, radio communications, EMC and EME.

As a Responsible Supplier registered in the national database, where required,
all Level 1, 2 or 3 electrical equipment offered for sale by Hager
is marked with the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM).