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DIN Socket Outlets

A compact, modular & feature rich DIN Socket Outlet that sets a new standard.

Hager’s understanding of the electrical market and close relationships
with electrical contractors are reflected in both the design and
characteristics of our SNO series of DIN socket outlets.
The SNO series has an impressive array of features which provide
electricians with a quick, simple and safe way to satisfy the needs
of various power supply applications.


Neon Indication

All products are supplied with a neon that provides clear & positive indication that supply is present when plugs are inserted.

Safety Shutters

To prevent accidential insertion into live parts all SNO series DIN Socket Outlets are manufactured with safety shutters.

DIN Rail Mounting

All SNO series products are supplied with an insulated metal DIN clip. The metal DIN clip gives greater mounting strength and adhesion to the DIN rail. This is particularly important when extension leads are used.

Double Pole Auto Switched

Building sites with temporary power supplies have many safety criteria placed upon them. All Hager DIN Socket Outlets have double pole construction which incorporates auto switching across active and neutral contacts. This provides the maximum level of conformance.


Installation and connection time is dramatically decreased with easy front access to the terminals. You no longer need to remove the device from the DIN rail to gain access to the connection terminals. The bi-connect terminal feature on the active provides two connection points that can incorporate either busbar or soft wiring. The off-set Neutral & Earth connections include cage terminals that offer greater cable security & installation speed.