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Digital Multimeters

Digital Multimeters Panel Mount
  • Digital multifunction energy meters suitable for electrical measurement in low voltage networks.
  • Providing instantaneous true RMS measurement.
Digital Multimeter DIN Mount
Multimeter for monitoring the electrical network: single, two or three phases (with or without neutral). Enables the display of electrical values as instantaneous, average or maximum (voltage and intensity per phase in RMS value).When monitoring of a power generator, it measures the frequency and working time.

Digital Multimeter DIN Mount

SM101C Communicant Modular multifunction meter
  • Displays the following instantaneous and max. values I, U, V, F, P, PF, H, THD, E
  • It has a pulsed output and an RS485 Jbus/Modbus communications capability.
  • Current transformers are not provided and are sold separately.
Cat. Ref.  Description ex. GSTinc. GST 
SM101CCommunicant Modular multifunction meter1,141.99 $ / pc.1,256.19 $ / pc.

Digital Multimeter Panel Mount

SM102E Multi-function meter
SM102E Features
  • Provides instantaneous true RMS measurement.
  • Current (Instantaneous & maximum) via CT.
  • Power EP, EQ, ES and per phase
  • Frequency
  • Harmonics (THD up to 31)
  • Add on module - RS485 Jbus/modbus RTU
SM103E Features
additional to the SM102E
  • Harmonics (THD up to 51).
  • Embedded webserver on TCP/IP add on module.
  • Add on modules
    - RS485 Jbus/modbus RTU
    - Memory card
    - Ethernet
    - Ethernet + RS485 Jbus/Modbus
Cat. Ref.  Description ex. GSTinc. GST 
SM102EMulti-function meter1,234.67 $ / pc.1,358.14 $ / pc.
SM210Unit RS485 Jbus/Modbus for SM102E449.52 $ / pc.494.47 $ / pc.
SM103EMulti-function meter Evolution2,203.90 $ / pc.2,424.29 $ / pc.
SM204Memory Unit for SM103E1,198.71 $ / pc.1,318.58 $ / pc.
SM211Unit RS485 Jbus/Modbus for SM103E611.35 $ / pc.672.49 $ / pc.
SM213Unit Ethernet Jbus/Modbus for SM103E1,048.88 $ / pc.1,153.77 $ / pc.
SM214Unit Ethernet+RS485 Jbus/Modbus SM103E1,528.37 $ / pc.1,681.21 $ / pc.
*All data is subject to errors and technical modifications. All prices are recommended retail prices.