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New generation: EE804A & EE805A

Hager's new generation of energy efficient detectors combines both motion and presence detection into a single device to provide the most accurate detection in all situations. Housed in a discrete design, our EE804A (surface mount) and EE805A (flush mount) can be securely and quickly mounted and installed for residential and commercial applications.

Features & Benefits

Sensitive detection

Our new motion and presence detectors are equipped with sensitive passive infrared (PIR) technology. They react to differences in temperature and motion, and can even detect small body movements.

The motion detection area is 6 metres in diameter, while our presence detection covers a diameter of 4 metres at an installation height of 2.5 m - 3.5m.

User Friendly

The user can simply set up and adjust all major lighting parameters via two easily accessible potentiometers:

  • Potentiometer 1 adjusts the ­response brightness (between 5 and 1000 lux), allowing the lighting to be optimally adapted to the daylight.
  • Potentiometer 2 controls the duration of the luminescence (between 2 sec and 30 min).

Built to last

Modern lighting fixtures such as LEDs and halogen lamps often
have high inrush currents, sometimes up to 1000 times your
nominal current, which puts a strain on the relays in detectors.

To prevent this, our new detectors have been equipped with
zero-cross switching technology that minimises inrush current,
which helps avoid the premature aging of relay contacts and
extends durability, even in high switching occurrences.

Long-term savings

Electricity prices for private households have risen by 56% over
the last ten years. It’s therefore beneficial to install motion and
presence detectors, as lighting energy is only used when strictly
needed. Offering low standby consumption of just 0.3 W, our
detectors can save you costs of lighting energy by up to 90%.