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Motion Detectors

People wanting to save energy in the long term should raise their sights and think about Hager’s ceiling motion detectors. They are quickly and securely mounted at heights between 2.5 and 3.5 metres. Thanks to their high response reliability and long working life, energy costs are reduced and the investment pays off within a matter of a few years, while the convenience and increase in safety will continue for much longer.

Surface & Flush Motion Detector

EE804 and EE805 detectors are 360° movement
detectors with built-in light-sensitive switch function.
They are particularly intended for use in interior traffic
areas such as corridors, entrance halls…
These devices detect infrared radiation associated with
heat emitted by moving bodies. Detection is by a
pyro-electric sensor located under the lens
Infrared movement detection for interior applications,
they are available in flush or surface mounting.
Cat. Ref.Description
Surface mounting
Flush mounting

Hyper Frequency Technology

  • The Hyper Frequency motion sensor can detect through
    light walls (wood, glass …) independent from the temperature
  • Responds to different applications such as: car parks,
    toilets and dressing rooms
  • 360o detection area
  • IP54 protection rating
Cat. Ref.Description
Hyper Frequency Motion Detector

Corridor Motion Detector

  • New solution dedicated for corridor detection
  • Surface mounted product with similar aesthetics to HF motion detector
  • 20m x 4m detection area at 3m installation height
  • Insulation class II
  • IP54 protection rating
Cat. Ref.Description
Corridor Motion Detector