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Presence Detectors

Presence Detectors are ideal for controlling lighting in office spaces as they detect large movements and also smaller finite movements, such as people working at a desk. When the area is left unoccupied, the lighting will be switched off, minimising the energy usage of the area.
High performance presence detectors are suitable for use in residential and commercial premises where they increase comfort and reduce the energy costs drastically. The combination of presence and motion detection area is especially useful in offices, where the motion area may be used in long corridors.

Presence Detectors - Semi Recess Mount

EE810 Presence detector 360° 1 channel
EE810 - 1 channel detector
  • Direct control of a light load or used as a slave for detection area enlargement.
  • Lux level and ON delay setting via potentiometers.
  • Test mode in order to set lux level and the detection pattern.
EE811 -  2 channel detector
  • Light relay output for direct control of a light load.
  • Presence output potential free relay.
  • Lux level, ON delay setting for light channel and presence channel via potentiometers.
  • Input for slave (EE810) and/or remote push button.
EE812 - Light regulator 1/10V
  • 1/10V Output in order to control electronic ballasts and/or Hager dimmers EV100/EV102.
  • Detector especially dedicated for energy saving and comfort purposes.
  • Input for slave (EE810) and/or dimming push button in order to modify the setpoints.
  • Lux level, ON delay for light channel and min. level via potentiometers.
  • 3 functional modes : no regulation, regulation with local setpoint, regulation with remote setpoint.
EE813 - Surface mounting accessory
Cat. Ref.  Description ex. GSTinc. GST 
EE810Presence detector 360° 1 channel385.71 $ / pc.424.28 $ / pc.
EE811Presence detector 360° 2 channel462.91 $ / pc.509.20 $ / pc.
EE812Presence detector 360° 1/10V520.89 $ / pc.572.98 $ / pc.
EE813Surface mounting box for EE810/EE81119.58 $ / pc.21.54 $ / pc.

Presence Detectors - Flush Mount

EE815 Presence detector 360° monobloc
EE815 - Detector ON/OFF
  • Direct control of a light load.
  • Lux level and ON delay setting via potentiometers or EE807 remote control.
EE816 - Detector for light regulation
  • 3 functional modes.
  • Lux level and ON delay setting via potentiometers or EE807 remote control.
  • DALI/DSI bus output accommodates up to 24 ballasts.
EE807 - IR remote control for installer to commission settings.
EE808 - IR remote control for customer override operation.
Cat. Ref.  Description ex. GSTinc. GST 
EE815Presence detector 360° monobloc377.70 $ / pc.415.47 $ / pc.
EE816Presence detector 360° monobloc DALI/DSI523.43 $ / pc.575.77 $ / pc.
EE807Remote control settings presence det.141.05 $ / pc.155.16 $ / pc.
EE808Remote control customer presence det.94.91 $ / pc.104.40 $ / pc.
*All data is subject to errors and technical modifications. All prices are recommended retail prices.