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HXE013H UVR 110-120VAC (h800-h1000-h1600)

Similar image
(Picture shows HXE014H)

UVR 110-120VAC (h800-h1000-h1600)

Cat. Ref.:HXE013H
EAN No.:


Pack Qty.:1 pc.
ex. GST*:277.39 $ / pc.
inc. GST*:305.13 $ / pc.
Price Group:15905
Technical Characteristics
Delay off:no
Rated operational voltage Ue:110/120 V
Inrush power absorbed:1,6 VA
Total power loss under IN:1,6 W
Type of connection:with screw
European directive WEEE:concerned
Protection index IP:IP4X
Degree of pollution according to IEC 60664 / IEC 60947-2:3
Altitude:2000 m
  • HXE013H
    HXE013H UVR 110-120VAC (h800-h1000-h1600)
    Similar image
    (Picture shows HXE014H)
  • HXE013H UVR 110-120VAC (h800-h1000-h1600)
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