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Optional Accessories for
Cat. Ref.  Description ex. GSTinc. GST 
HEC041HMCCB h250 4P 70kA 40A LSI2,670.10 $ / pc.2,937.11 $ / pc.
HEC126HMCCB h250 4P 70kA 125A LSI2,475.34 $ / pc.2,722.87 $ / pc.
HEC251HMCCB h250 4P 70kA 250A LSI2,965.11 $ / pc.3,261.62 $ / pc.
HNC041HMCCB h250 4P 50kA 40A LSI2,477.65 $ / pc.2,725.42 $ / pc.
HNC126HMCCB h250 4P 50kA 125A LSI2,580.21 $ / pc.2,838.23 $ / pc.
HNC251HMCCB h250 4P 50kA 250A LSI2,709.28 $ / pc.2,980.21 $ / pc.
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*All data is subject to errors and technical modifications. All prices are recommended retail prices.