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Surge Protection
Class 1

Class 1 Surge Protection Devices are recommended for use in conjunction with lightning rods in high risk areas that have the probability of a direct lightning strike.
In order to ensure optimum protection, Class 1 Surge Protection Devices utilise dual earth
& phase/neutral terminals. This configuration reduces any additional voltage drop in the
connecting cables to virtually zero thereby obtaining the best possible peak voltage
protection (Up) to the installation.


  • With a discharge current wave 10/350 µs (I imp) which is similar to lightning current
    on direct impact, Class 1 SPD’s must have the capacity to discharge the damaging
    effects of direct lightning strikes.
  • Class 1 SPD’s have a LED per phase to indicate operation.
  • Traditionally, between Class 1 & Class 2 SPD’s, the use of an inductor was
    necessary. Hager Class 1 SPD’s are associated with an electronic trigger system
    that allows Class 1 & Class 2 SPD’s to operate alongside each other without
    the use of an inductor.
  • Type of protection – common and differential modes.
  • Connection capacity: 35mm² flexible conductor, 50mm² rigid conductor.