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Surge Protection
Class 2 Medium Protection

Class 2 Medium Protection SPD’s are ideally suited for applications such as; high rise towers with essential computer data, expensive plant machinery, and domestic dwellings with entertainment & computer systems.
All Class 2 Medium Protection SPD’s have replaceable cartridges and bi-directional connection.
Protection is ensured in common and differential modes for domestic, industrial and commercial
buildings. A premium configuration has the option of reserve indication. The three stage window
arrangement provides an advanced warning that the device needs replacing. A remote indication
option also provides an audible or visual alarm to the consumer that the SPD cartridges will soon
require replacing.


The term used to describe the method of combing several levels of SPD’s in the once installation.
This takes advantage of the best features of each device to make the installation highly secure.
Hager recommends using a high current carrying capacity device, Class 1, to divert the bulk of the
transient while the Cascaded Class 2 Medium Protection SPD diverts the possible residual voltage.

Class Configuration

  • Base element and plug-in cartridge.
  • Imax kA – 65kA, 40kA & 15kA.
  • Premium configurations complete with reserve indication cartridge and auxiliary contacts.
  • Replacement cartridges.


  • The cartridge allows simple replacement without the need to cut-off the power supply.
  • SPD’s are equipped with integrated thermal and dynamic disconnection.
  • Connection: 16mm² flexible conductor, 25mm² rigid conductor.
  • Auxilliary contact: 0.5mm² min, 1.5mm² max.

  • The earth conductors connected to the SPD’s require close attention & the application of some simple rules need to be considered. For further details, please consult your nearest Hager sales office.
  • Type of protection – common modes.
  • Degree of protection: IP20.