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Smart wireless retrofit solutions

When it comes to home retrofitting, less is more. No cabling, plastering or painting means a quicker installation for you.
Now it's all possible thanks to our coviva micro modules.

Our micro modules are the first step in building multipoint switching, dimming or centralisation. Once installed behind existing or new switches, they communicate wirelessly with each other without the need of a hub to provide multiple functions and controls throughout the home.

These functions and controls include:


  • Switch on / off
  • Dimming
  • Raise / Lower
  • Timers


  • Lights
  • Blinds or motorised curtains
  • Garage doors
  • Gates

  • Automatic sprinkler
  • Air conditioning
  • Expansion

Features and Benefits

Universal controls

Each micro module can be linked to other modules without any additional wiring. As such, it offers more flexibility to the home’s switching capabilities, and makes for an ideal retrofit.

Multiple functions with one switch

Home owners can program scenarios which allow a combination of micro modules to be managed from the single push of a button. For example, a ‘going to bed’ scenario could turn off all the lights, close the blinds and turn on the night light in the children’s bedroom simultaneously.

Superior wireless reach

The micro modules are designed to deliver exceptional wireless reach. Indoors, they can transmit up to 30 metres. Outdoors, their range extends up to 100 metres in the open.

Minimise energy costs

A home that is adapted to the needs of the owner can help reduce the energy bill. As such, coviva is a sustainable solution. By setting control scenarios according to weather conditions or time spent at home, energy consumption can be monitored easily.


Home owners can control any connected module (via the coviva hub) using a dedicated and secured app like Google Home, Amazon Alexa or coviva. This allows people to control their home on the go, allowing for greater efficiency and convenience.

Easy to use

coviva is developed to be an easy to use system, with a simple installation process using minimal steps to configure. Linking of two modules can be done in less than 15 seconds, without the need of software or a hub. If the coviva hub is utilised, customers can enjoy full control of their home. Through voice control via Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you can control your home from anywhere in the world.

coviva How-To Videos