TXA306 Input device 6 -fold universal

TXA306 Input device 6 -fold universal

Input device 6 -fold universal

Cat. Ref.:TXA306
EAN No.:


Pack Qty.:1 pc.
Price Group:28600
Technical Characteristics
Bus system:EIB
Fixing mode:Din-Rail
Bus module detachable:no
  • suitable for different external conductors
  • Switching functions, dimming functions, blind control functions functions, priority functions, scene functions, heating functions and timer functions
  • ETS additional functions: value transmitter 1 and 2 bytes, 2-channel mode, level switch function
Command by lighting push buttons:5 mA
  • manual operation can be activated via selection switch
  • Manual operation per channel via button with integrated status LED, thereby lockout of KNX function
  • with illuminated programming button
  • with 6 independent binary inputs with separate neutral conductor
Input voltage:24 … 230 V AC/DC
Input voltage:230 V
Type of input voltage:AC;DC
Operating voltage over bus:21 … 32 V DC
Signal voltage:24 V AC/DC … 230 V AC
Intensity by input:34 mA
Number of entry circuits:6
Signal frequency:50/60 Hz
Max distance to switches:100 m
Total power loss under IN:0,2 W
Colour:stone grey
Depth of installed product:60 mm
Height of installed product:90 mm
Length:70 mm
Width of installed product:106 mm
Width of rail mounted device (RMD):6 modules
  • with 6 red status LEDs for display of input states
Mounting type:din-Rail
Conductor cross-section (flexible):0,75 … 2,5 mm²
Conductor cross-section (rigid):0,75 … 2,5 mm²
Connection cross-sect. rigid cable:0,75 / 2.5mm²
Connection cross-sect. flexible conductor:0,75 / 2,5mm²
Type of connection:quick connect
Connection to:Potential free, switch, push button, automation system
  • with integral bus coupling unit
  • with QuickConnect plug-in terminals
  • bus connection via connecting terminal
Supported configuration modes:system , easy
Protection index IP:IP20
Operating temperature:0 … 45 °C
Storage temperature:-20 to 70 °C
Main design line:KNX
  • TXA306
    TXA306 Input device 6 -fold universal
  • TXA306
  • TXA306
  • TXA306 Input device 6 -fold universal
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