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NSW/ACT Meterboxes

This series of Domestic Metering Enclosures & accessories provides consumers, electricians, builders and specifiers a meterbox designed for increased safety, quality and performance by providing an off the shelf solution no matter where you are in NSW/ACT.


The 600 x 600 NSW metering enclosures with either
pre-drilled or un-drilled panel which comes complete
with a GD10T and additional features like 3 padlock
locking points on the door

  • 600mmH x 600mmW x 275mmD
  • 75mm behind panel
  • Panel available drilled VYMB66-D (with multiple
    meter/ fuse pilot holes) or undrilled VYMB66-U.
  • IP23
  • Galvanized steel
  • 3 padlock positions on door
  • Comes supplied with a GD10T


The new style NSW enclosure. Unlike the 600mm
square panel only enclosures which are commonly used
in NSW, the VYMBNSW is a 24 pole DIN enclosure with
black panel and comes with consumer N & E links.

  • 1.2mm galvanised steel powder coated RAL
  • 276mm deep (75mm behind panel)
  • Earth stud
  • Padlock kit for door

*Not applicable in ACT