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invicta panelboards

Developed as an optimized solution for small to medium commercial installations
and large home projects; Hager’s new range of invicta panelboards offer simple
and efficient possibilities for energy distribution in your commercial projects.
As an industry leader in power distribution,
Hager strives to create innovative products
that make installations faster and more cost
effective. Hager’s invicta panelboards have
been designed to accommodate the 6kA
onekombo single module RCBO’s and 6kA
MCB’s to guarantee safety and simplicity.

The invicta range also comes fitted with
2 x 8 poles of DIN space for mounting
additional modular devices such as
emergency lighting test kits, contactors,
or sub-metering devices. If more DIN space
is required, we have an optional extension
box which provides an additional 2 x 18 poles.
Together with other features such as
a reversible door, large connection points
for earth and neutral links, or ease of fixing
to the wall; invicta is truly the new benchmark
for multi-usage panelboards.

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