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Programming Keys for
Digital Time Switches

Three Principal Advantages

The programming of the Key can be achieved remotely to that of the Time
Switch via the programming software available on PC and to its interface box.

Saving and duplication of programs

You have the possibility of copying a program on a key, and thus, quickly
duplicating it on other time switches. It is also useful for a secure backup
of the programs on the Time Switches.

Creation of a key library

Each key can correspond to a standard or different program. As for the user,
they can have several keys adapted to their way of life
(day shift, night shift, summer, winter, holidays…).

Executive key programme

When the time switch is in the 'run' mode, it is possible to have a 'temporary
run program'. You need only to introduce a key with a different programme
& wait 10 seconds. The time switch will acknowledge this key & run it's program.
As soon as the key is removed, the initial program is again valid.


Locking key
EG004 - This key allows the user to lock the programming
of the time switch by simple insertion in the device.

Storage module for 3 keys
EG006 - 1 module box that clips onto the DIN rail of the board.