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Shatter conventional perception

Glass fittings can transform a space from sleepy to sleek
through their glossy finish and clean lines. Now, thanks
to new technology, there's an affordable way to create
a high quality glass finish that looks the part, while not
actually being made from glass at all.

The secret of Glaze is in its colour-matched surface
Glaze technology; the coating process gives off a
reflective quality reminiscent of glass. It is made from
durable polycarbonate easy to clean and ultra tough.
From switches and sockets to TV and data points -
nothing escapes our Glaze - all seamlessly blending
with your existing real glass interiors.

Colour Options

Mint Glaze with White
Mint Glaze with
Titanium Grey

Glaze Features

  • The look of real glass at a fraction of the cost
  • Made from tough polycarbonate, which is glossy and easy to clean
  • Featuring a specially tinted Glaze, modeled on the latest glass trends
  • A complete range of fixtures, to provide a seamless look for every outlet on your plans