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Steel the show
Aluminium & Stainless Steel

If you desire the look of stainless steel appliances,
brushed aluminium surfaces, and shiny fittings, this
ultra-stylish range may just set off your metal detector.
Now you can create your very own metallic statement
without compromise.

For a lustre finish that's really worth lusting after, seek
out the blemish-free quality of Aluminium or Stainless
Steel for your project. When plain white switches just
won't do, the clean, sleek look and feel of real
Aluminium or Stainless Steel adds a true dimension
to your walls.

Colour Options

Aluminium with White
Aluminium with Black
Aluminium with
Charcoal Grey
Aluminium with
Titanium Grey
Stainless Steel with White
Stainless Steel with Black
Stainless Steel with Charcoal Grey


  • Covers made from pressed one-piece Aluminium or Stainless Steel,
    with no stress or punch marks
  • Unique cover clipping technique, for a correct fit every time
  • Treated surface technology to reduce fingerprints while keeping maximum lustre