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Latest News

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ADC3 becomes ADC9

The ADC3 range has been Australia’s most popular single module RCBO for almost ten
years and now we’re introducing its new generation, the ADC9. More of the same, but better.

Protect your home from surges

Surge protection devices are strongly recommended in sites that are exposed to transients,
to protect sensitive and expensive electrical and electronic equipment.

Be prepared this thunderstorm season.

coviva - Smart Wireless Retrofit Solutions

Our coviva micro modules are the first step in building multi-point switching, dimming
or centralisation. Once installed behind existing or new switches, they can communicate
wirelessly with each other without the need of a central hub.

New Bluetooth Time Switches

Our new time switches allow you to perform time switch tasks faster and with more flexibility,
thanks to Bluetooth technology and our Hager Mood app.

Emergency Lighting Test Packages

In accordance with AS/NZS 2293.1, ‘Emergency Evacuation Lighting for Buildings’,
a discharge test circuit MUST be installed in both existing and new installations for
the purpose of testing the charge. To meet the requirement, our emergency lighting
discharge test packages are available 'off-the-shelf' and provides a time-saving solution
for your next installation.

silhouette Matt White - So fine, just stunning

The latest finish in our elegant silhouette range.

The range brings classic white into a contemporary non-reflective finish.
Designed with sleek modernity to give any interior a fresher look and feel.

Energy Meters - Track, Communicate, Optimise

The new generation of energy meters from Hager provides powerful, compact
and easy to connect solutions for all applications. Compatible with Modbus, RS-485
and KNX protocols, they ensure intelligent energy monitoring in large residential and
commercial buildings.

performa panelboards - Multiple Combinations up to 400A

Our stainless steel performa panelboard solutions are available up to 400A with
split or hybrid chassis. We also offer a comprehensive range of compatible devices
including energy meters, emergency lighting test kits and protection devices. With
a robust design, our boards are pre-fitted, wired and assembled in Australia
guaranteeing full configuration flexibility and a reduced delivery time.

Add-On Block - More Protection, Smaller Footprint

Our One Module Add-On Block delivers all the attributes of earth leakage protection
that pairs effortlessly with any Hager circuit breaker up to 63A. It is suitable for our
performa and invicta panelboard ranges.

Manual Changeover Switch - Alternative Power Supply

With our manual changeover switches, we provide a compact solution that
ensures the safe supply of power to your facilities.

Work Hard Play Hard 2020

Work Hard Play Hard 2020 has kicked off!
Valued packs. Amazing prizes.

Our new Hager ecat app

We have merged our e-Cat and Mediahub apps into one, Hager ecat. Access all
product information on Hager products: product catalogue, technical data and
specifications, brochures, videos and more... at your fingertips.

Hager Products of 2019

At Hager, we are committed to continuously developing products that are safe, reliable
and easy to install. Step by step, we improve and extend our product ranges by
listening to our customers.

HVAC Isolaton: Guaranteed safety without derating

Hager's weatherproof isolators can handle any type of load without derating
- including an AC-23A inductive load such as an air conditioner, motor or compressor.
Available in 2P, 3P and 4P, our isolators ensure an easier choice for a faster and safer job.

Our new energy meters

Smart, connected and efficient - Our comprehensive range of new energy meters is
our solution to record energy consumption with precision. Offering the advantages
of end to end functionality along with savings and optimisation, it's designed for
easier and smarter access to precious information.

Our extended invicta range - Now in 60 or 72 Pole

Now extended to 60 or 72 Pole chassis, with features such as 2 x 8 poles of DIN space
and split neutral and earth links for easy cabling, our invicta range is a benchmark for
multi-usage panelboards.

Suitable for large home, light commercial or retail applications.

quadro M - Your main metering switchboard solution

Our quadro M system offers a diverse range of options for single and multi-phase metering,
CT metering and power distribution in all multi-residential and commercial applications.

In collaboration with a dedicated team of specialists and with unlimited combinations,
quadro M is designed to meet your specifications.

Our long lasting weatherproof range

Hager's weatherproof range is built to last. Designed for prolonged working integrity,
flexibility and installation ease - our weatherproof switches, sockets and isolators
are the ideal choice for your outdoor applications.

Two-in-one Motion and Presence Detectors

Hager's new generation of energy efficient detectors, EE804A and EE805A, combines
both motion and presence detection into a single device to guarantee the most accurate
detection in all situations.

silhouette Matt White

The latest finish in our elegant silhouette range.

The range brings classic white into a contemporary non-reflective finish.
Designed with sleek modernity to give any interior a fresher look and feel.

Work Hard Play Hard 2019

Our annual Work Hard Play Hard promotion has returned!
Valued packs. Amazing prizes.

New Year for a Changeover

As always, the summer season brings high risks of storms and power outages that can be
destructive to home or business equipment. As such, changeover switches are an essential
resource to have in ensuring circuit isolation and preventing back feed when power is back.
Start the new year safely.

Surge Protection Essentials

Put the odds in your favour and be sure to raise your clients' awareness on surge risks.
Our flyer will help your client to see the safety benefits of SPDs in the protection of their
entire house compared to a surge powerboard.

EG071: Weekly Time Switch

We are dedicated to ensuring our products are easy to program. As such, we have
developed a step-by-step guide on how to set up the EG071 weekly time switch for
your business.

AS/NZS 3000:2018 - Our guide to the changes

The AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules have been released in 2018 and there
are some changes you need to be aware of due to the development of new
technologies, new products and an improvement in safety.

NEW silhouette videos

Our silhouette range of switches and sockets have authentic and
serene aesthetics without compromising on functionality, reliability or safety.
Check out our new silhouette videos which showcase the features and benefits.


Between 5th February and 14th April 2018, buy a specially
marked WHPH pack from your local electrical wholesale
branch and inside will be a redemption voucher with a unique code.
Collect the amount of vouchers to redeem the prize of your choice.

Updated Make the switch brochure available

With the inclusion of catalogue pages, our new silhouette matt black and
expert tips, the latest edition showcases our full range of switches
and sockets.

Download the updated brochure below.
Make the switch

The good taste of simplicity

The IC2 range of surface mount pole-covers and small enclosures are
available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 10 module widths. For the most basic of installations,
the large sized mounting and cable entry positions simplify installation, whilst the
range still remains pleasing to the eye due to its functional design aesthetics

Click here for more information.

2017/2018 Hager Catalogue now available

We are pleased to announce our new 2017/2018 catalogue
is now available. With the inclusion of new products, expert tips,
technical pages and quick reference guides, the latest edition is a
great tool to help find the right solution that suits your project's needs.

Click here to download our new catalogue.

6A and 32A onekombo NOW AVAILABLE

Hager's residential range of 'onekombo' single module residual
current circuit breakers now include 6A and 32A devices.
Our range of RCBOs lead to safety and simplicity and
offer a breaking capacity of 6kA.

Protect your sensitive equipment

By installing our surge protection devices you can
cost effectively stop any unwanted surges or spikes
affecting your sensitive equipment and ensure everything
in your home is safe.

NEW Matt Black silhouette

The NEW Matt Black silhouette range boasts
a clean, modern design,and at only 4mm off the
wall, has been crafted with distinctiveelegance
in mind.

Hager changeover switches

Hager’s modular 63A manual Changeover Switches
are a unique solution which have a three stable
position (I-O-II) to allow you to control two power
supply sources.

NEW silhouette stockists map

You can now find your nearest silhouette
stockists using our NEW silhouette stockists
map. Simply enter your postcode to find
silhouette stockists in your area.

NEW Commercial 6kA RCB

Hager's new commerical 6kA ADA1 RCBO
range for perfoma panelboards has been
developed specifically with commercial
performance and cost effectiveness in mind.

Work hard play hard 2017

Buy a WHPH pack during February, March or April
and inside the pack will be a redemption voucher.
Collect the required amount of vouchers to redeem
the gift of your choice.

silhouette - switches & sockets

Slim switches & sockets that blend into the wall have
been a demand in the electrical industry for many years.
silhouette has excelled in meeting this demand thanks to
a thickness of only 4mm off the wall surface.

USB Mechanisms

Hager's new roto-loc USB outlets are a twin 2.1A USB outlet,
suitable for charging both Apple & Android phones and tablets
and fit all our Visage & Premiere style wiring accessory switch
plates & GPO’s extra switch positions

Commitment to Quality

Do you have old products installed?
Hager is known for our commitment to quality. That’s why the voluntarily
recall of potentially faulty AD310T, AD316T, AD320T and AD325T single
module RCBOs continues

NEW QLD, NSW/ACT & VIC Residential Meterboxes

Our product offer spans for QLD, NSW/ACT & VIC and our products
conform to all of the relevant state regulatory requirements.
We provide the largest range of products available from any one
manufacturer, to provide the best solution for your specific application.

NEW 400A & Stainless Steel Enclosures

Hager’s range of performa™ 2 panelboards is now
available in 400A with a standard or hybrid chassis
and with a 316L stainless steel material option across
the entire elite panelboard range

NEW Outdoor Motion Detectors

From our high quality motion detectors to our versatile
floodlights and LED lamps, Hager has just the right
solution for each intended use and application with
the new range of IP55 Outdoor Motion Detectors.

NEW Shallow Mount Weatherproof sockets

Offering a stylish and unique design, Hager’s new shallow mount
IP53 socket outlets have full UV stability and are engineered
to withstand Australia’s tough weather conditions.

NEW cyberart range

The new cyberart surrounds for the premiere / cyber range of wiring
accessories provides you with a full choice of colours and finishes
such as real slate or a stylish glass look.

DIN Rail Enclosure Range

Whether you require a 48 pole, IP65 rated vector enclosure or a 24 pole,
flush mounted combination 240V and data golf enclosure, there’s sure
to be a Hager loadcentre to suit your specific application.

Mobile e-Catalogue

The Hager Catalogue, but in your pocket! You now have access to the
complete Hager product database and technical information from your smartphone.

2014/15 Catalogue & Trade Price List

Along with our comprehensive range of product brochures, Hager's NEW
2014/15 Product Catalogue & Price List is now available to download online.

invicta panelboards

Available in 24, 36 & 48 pole and compatible with the onekombo 6kA
range of modular protection devices, Hager’s invicta panelboard range
is ideal for the large home, light commercial or retail applications.

Project Solutions

As part of the Hager solution, our project team can offer
End-to-end project management from quotations, design
services and assembly throughout, to after sales service.

Residential Distribution Solutions

The combination of our award winning golf enclosure range
along with our onekonekt system, provides a beautifully simple
solution that makes each installation easier, safer and faster.

performa 2 panelboards and energy distribution solutions

Hager is proud to announce the release
of our performa 2 Panelboard range as the basis of our

LED Dimmer

The LED dimmer from Hager is designed specifically
to work with LED lights and therefore is compatible
with more LED’s than a standard trailing or leading edge dimmer.

It's obvious...

Electricians working in residential installations have been utilising
a 63A breaker as the main switch for many years - and why not,
it brings additional safety for practically no extra cost.

onekonekt residential MPD's

Our onekonekt system offers one of the most
versatile & flexible solutions to residential
electricians on the market today.

onekombo RCBOs

Leads to safety and simplicity.
Single pole residential RCBOs from a company you can trust.

1 | 2 | 3 AOB

3 phase RCBO earth leakage protection.
One Module Add-On Block.

eco-ficient® presence detectors

With the continued increase in energy costs, it makes
sense to start to implement energy saving initiatives.

h3 MCCBs

The h3 range of MCCBs provides safe and easy solutions
for low voltage electrical circuit protection.

Tebis KNX building automation

Tebis KNX building automation - smart technology at the touch of a button.
Be inspired by what you can do.

Motion detectors with remote control

Hager's premium motion detectors have been technically
engineered for optimum performance and total control.