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Newsletter May 2017

A unique solution
Hager’s modular 63A manual Changeover Switches are a unique solution which have a three stable position (I-O-II) to allow you to control two power supply sources.

The switches come in both 2 & 4 pole versions, for single (25A or 63A) and three phase (63A) applications including the switching of luminaries, machines, multi-position load swtiches etc. Standard compliance with AS/NZS IEC 60947-3. For more information, click the link below.

Redeem your vouchers by the END OF JUNE!
If you've already purchased a WHPH pack, don't forget to send in your vouchers. You now have until the end of June to redeem your vouchers.

Wholesalers have limited stock left, so if you haven't already, buy a WHPH pack and inside the pack will be a redemption voucher (see picture right).

Collect the required amount of vouchers to redeem the gift of your choice.

For more information about the contents of the available packs and the prizes that you can get your hands on this year, click the link below.