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ADC3 becomes ADC9

The ADC3 range has been Australia’s most popular single module RCBO for almost ten years and now we’re introducing its new generation, the ADC9.

Keeping all the features of our ADC3, the ADC9 is enhanced by a reduction in size and increase of capabilities that allow for a wider range of applications and benefits.

one range, one busbar,
one solution

With bi-connect terminals, bi-stable DIN clip, and neutral flying lead, same as the ADC3, the new ADC9 fits perfectly into the onekonekt system. Its reduced size makes it the perfect replacement for an MCB.

More opportunities
in specific areas

To cover a wider range of applications, our new onekombo comes with switched neutral capability that is required in specific applications such as solar (PV), construction sites, caravan parks, patient areas, etc.

Hager‘s new Onekombo range has now been extended with 10mA (Type I) and D curve products for a wider range of applications.

Insulation Resistance Test

Watch how simple, safer and easier the insulation resistance testing for the new single module onekombo ADC9 is...