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eco-ficient® Contactors
Standard and Hum-free

Boasting a streamlined profile with complimentary design aesthetics, Hager’s contactor range embodies our philosophy of quality and reliable performance.
Hager Contactors are suitable for load switching
applications in residential and commercial installations.
Some typical applications include heating, ventilation,
indoor/outdoor lighting, pool pumps and/or filters.
Designed with the end user in mind, Hager Contactors
are available in a Standard and Hum-free (noiseless coil)
version. The Standard version is well suited for general
applications while the Hum-free is perfect for discerning
residential customers who insist on a good night’s sleep.
With one of the lowest energy consumptions on the market,
selected models come with an override feature enabling end
users to by-pass their programmed application / installation.
In line with Hager’s eco-ficient® initiatives for a greener future,
our Contactor range is energy efficient, helping you to reduce
your carbon footprint.


Hager contactors are available in 1, 2 and 3 DIN modules
with various contact configurations from 1 to 4 poles.
  • Enhanced switching reliability
  • Clear and visible contact status indication
  • Hum-free (noise free coil) version
  • Low activation noise
  • Coil protection against impulse voltage up to 4kV
  • Easy to mount DIN rail design
  • eco-ficient® energy saving product
  • With make contact and/or break contact
  • 25A to 63A Contact Rating
  • 24V or 230V, AC Coil voltage
  • Universal Auxilliary Contact (1NO+1NC)
    Accessory Module available
  • From June 2014, Hager has improved the performance
    of 1 and 2 module contactors

Additional information

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