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Miniature Circuit Breaker's (MCB's)
80 - 125A

Hager's range of 80 - 125A MCB's with C & D curve characteristics are intended for use within
residential, commercial and industrial premises. This range of MCB's offers more features, better
connection, superior performance and increased levels of security.

  • MCB’s 80A to 125A, 1P to 4P, 10kA & 15kA
  • Added accessories range
  • Standard auxiliaries as 63A MCB's
This range and its multiple innovations delivers more performance,
more features, more connection facilities and more security...discover why below.

More Connection

The multi pole MCB’s are equipped with a strong terminal design which gives a better grip on the cable. The unique design of the terminal compensates and corrects for any distortion or possibe loss in terminal torque. This true Hager innovation prolongs the use and effectiveness of the installation.

More Features

The MCB's are equipped with Front Product Labelling for the identification of each circuit. Hager also offers, as a free download, Semiolog software that delivers an easy and professional result.

More Performance

For installations that require optimum levels of protection, Hager offers either 10kA or 15kA MCB's with breaking capacities as defined according to IEC60898-1 and IEC60947-2 standards.

More Security

The MCB can be locked in the OFF position via the integrated locking facility within the toggle. This Hager initiative, then allows either a 2.5mm - 3.5mm cable tie or sealing wire to be inserted within the toggle lock. This also facilitates the use of warning tags etc., to provide a safer working environment for all personnel.