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onekombo RCBOs
Leads to safety and simplicity

Our residential range of single module RCBOs
Hager's residential range of 'onekombo' single module electronic residual
current circuit breakers with overcurrent protection (RCBOs) leads to safety
and simplicity; it offers a breaking capacity of 6kA and can be completely
integrated with other Hager modular devices. Particularly compact, the
'onekombo' is only one module wide making it ideal for retrofit installations
where space is limited, allowing a greater number of RCBOs to be installed
in the one enclosure.

Distinguishing features

Quick to install
Bi-connect terminals
Simple replacement
Added safeguard
  • Professional look- Easily identifiable as part of the residential range with a large grey toggle and house symbol printed on the front.
  • Quick to install - Equipped with a neutral-in fly lead, the 'onekombo' range has one less cable to connect reducing installation time.
  • Bi-connect terminals - Enable supply from cables in the cage or busbars in the slot; guaranteeing full connection capacity.
  • Connectivity - Through design consistency, the 'onekombo' can be connected to other residential devices using the same busbar.
  • Compatability - The 'onekombo' range can be connected with either a single phase or a three phase busbar.
  • Simple replacement - The bi-stable DIN clip ensures easy removal of a single product on the busbar without disconnecting other devices or wiring.
  • Type 'A' added safeguard - To assist in the prevention of nuisance tripping, the type 'A' onekombo gives the added safeguard against 'pulsating DC components' that can be generated from modern appliances such as washing machines, LCD TVs, computers etc.
  • High performance- The MCB function of the RCBO protects circuits against overload and short circuits up to 6kA in tripping characteristic C