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One Module Add-On Block
3 Phase RCBO Earth Leakage Protection

More protection in a smaller enclosure

Combining the essential elements
of modular design and functionality,
the Hager One Module Add-On Block
provides simple & practical usability
and uncompromised safety aspects.

Recognising the need for three phase earth
leakage protection, the necessity to reduce
installation time and importantly, the panelboard
size, hager introduces a product that delivers
all the attributes of earth leakage protection that
pairs effortlessly to any circuit breaker up to 63A.

DescriptionCat. Ref.
Sensitivity - 30mA, Current rating - up to 63A
Sensitivity - 100mA, Current rating - up to 63A
Sensitivity - 300mA, Current rating - up to 63A

Quick Tips


AS/NZS 3000 states that socket-outlets having a rated current not exceeding 20A shall have earth leakage protection with a maximum rated residual protection of 30mA.

Keep it simple

Many brands require specific part numbers for current ratings & sensitivities. Hager makes it easy; one Add-On Block suits any hager MCB combination, 6kA, 10kA, C curve or D curve up to 63A. What could be simpler?

Do the math

The AOB + MCB combination provides the protective characteristics of both devices, thereby protecting the panelboards entire circuit and removing the need to wire between DIN mounted RCD & MCB. This results in a significant reduction of time, labour and the size & cost of the socket outlet (no RCD module).

Added safeguard

The ‘Type A’ Add-On Block gives the added protection against any ‘pulsating DC component’ generating from such loads as; power tools, motor speed controllers etc.

3+1 = smaller enclosures

The One Module Add-On Block + MCB combination only requires four poles, unlike many other devices that demand up to 7 poles.


One Module Add-On Block + MCB combinations suit all hager panelboards including the new invicta series of panelboards.

1,2,3... Job done!!

Step 1: Select your products

Select your Add-On Block and your MCB from the comprehensive Hager range up to 63A. e.g. 20A (NT320C)

Step 2: Connection

Open the One Module Add-On Block, snap together with the MCB and tighten the connections

Step 3: Installation

Install within panelboard.