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Manual Changeover Switches
with Centre-Off position (I-O-II)

The standard three stable positions (I-O-II) units will allow
you to manually manage applications, such as:

  • Night, Off, Day switching of hot water heaters

  • Auto, Off, Manual switching of machines

  • Change the direction of a motor (source inversion)

  • Auxiliary, Off, Mains for secure transfer between the
    power grid and a stand-by generator

Hager Modular 2 & 4 pole manual Changeover Switches are a unique solution
for the control between two power supplies.

Our modular manual changeover switches are a unique solution for secure supply of power to your facility.
They are available for single (25A, 40A or 63A) and three phase (40A or 63A) applications including
the switching of generators.

The changeover switches connect the critical loads/ circuits, the main power grid, the generator or an alternate source.
When manually operated, the power flowing to the critical loads/circuit changes from either the main power grid or generator, preventing back feed into each other.