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360o Flush Mount
Presence Detectors

Presence detectors have been adapted to harvest natural light entering the room by controlling lighting during periods of high ambient natural light levels, avoiding the use of unnecessary energy.

Sensible lighting control

Sensible lighting control devices such as
Presence Detectors, can save up to 25%
of energy consumption. Hager's eco-ficient®
Presence Detectors are an investment
that pays off over time - watt by watt,
cent by cent, day after day. All the while
significantly increasing the comfort and
safety of the building.



Settings can be adjusted manually behind faceplate slider without the need to remove the detector from the ceiling.

Presence Detection

Presence or absence detection is by passive infrared - designed specifically for small & sensitive movements.


Regulating photocell ensures a minimum maintained light level, taking into account the contribution from adjacent luminaries and daylight.

Time Delay

Following the last observed movement, a delay period can be programmed, after which the lights can switch off or dim down.

360o Detection

Complete 360º detection pattern with a range of 7 metres in diameter at floor level when mounted at 2.4 metres under normal operating conditions.

Manual Override

Manual override by wall switch provides on/off & dimming set points.

Digital Lighting Control

Employing DALI or DSI lighting ballasts, effective solutions for saving energy are achieved using automatic presence & absence modes, coupled with natural daylight harvesting to maintain lighting levels.


Cat. Ref.Description
Presence Detector - ON / OFF
Presence Detector - DALI / DSI
Infrared Remote Control for setup
Infrared Remote Control for user