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2 Module
Digital Time Switches

EG103E & EG203E

Time Switches allow you to manage the operation
of loads such as lighting, water pumps, and domestic
machines giving improved comfort and saving energy.

Main Characteristics

  • 56 programs steps
  • Easy keypad programming or
    with PC via interface module
  • Override: Permanent/temporary
  • 5 years of operating reserve with lithium battery
  • Bar graph for visualization of the daily profile
  • Quick copy and saving of the program with the EG005 key
  • Programmable without mains supply
  • Programming of pulses (eg. School’s bell)
  • Back light display
  • Keypad lock (with EG004 key)

Benefits for the users

  • Possibility of using a number of different keys to adapt the time programming
    to the frequent installation requirements: “night shift” key, “day shift” key…
  • Selection of a holiday mode*
  • Possibility of simulation of presence *