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Residential range of modular protection devices

Hager's onekonekt system offers one of the most versatile
& flexible solutions to residential electricians on the market today.


The use of busbar in our industry is not a new concept. However, providing a full range of residential protection devices that connect to the same busbar, increasing safety, reducing installation time, improving technical characteristics and aesthetics within one system, definitely is.

Features & Benefits

Click on the relevant pics in the gallery for detailed info.

Accommodating all your wiring habits

Every electrician has their own style and method they are comfortable with when it comes to installing protection switchgear. Single or double pole RCBO combo's, RCD's, MCB's and main switches are typically wired either for single or three phase installations. Our onekonekt system offers every contractor the flexibilty and choice to connect our residential range, regardless of combination, with one type of busbar.
The pictures in the gallery below illustrate 6 typical common place scenarios. Click on the relevant pic to check it out.
Typical single phase installation 1
Typical single phase installation 2
Typical single phase installation 3
Typical three phase installation 1
Typical three phase installation 2
Typical three phase installation 3