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360o Semi-recess Mount
Presence Detectors

Adapted to suit residential, commercial and industrial premises
(offices, buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals…) whose occupants
may not switch off the lights or air-conditioning when they leave the premises.


The double patented lens of the Hager presence detector offers exceptional
standards in infrared detection. Micro movements are sufficient to switch
and maintain the light levels, heating and ventilation in any application.

  • Lights are inhibited from switching on if there is sufficient natural light
    within the room. Master/slave detectors provide the ability to synchronise
    several detectors thereby increasing the detection zone.
  • The head can be easily re-oriented allowing
    the detection zone to be altered to the room configuration.
  • The EE812 allows for active control of 1-10V dimmed loads
    to maintain constant illumination, regardless of lighting conditions.
  • The EE811 is provided with an extra contact allowing control of heating
    or ventilation systems. A push-button is used to override this contact.
  • With automatic management of the lighting/ventilation, you can make significant savings in power consumption
  • Visual comfort is balanced between natural ambient & internal requirements.


Cat. Ref.MountingLoadFeatures
16A AC1
Can be used as slave for larger areas
16A AC1
Can be used as master for larger areas
580W Fluoro with electronic ballast